Bridal Shower #2

Let me just start off with, one month from yesterday I will be walking down the aisle to marry my Dougie! I can’t even believe it has snuck up on us so fast!

This past weekend, my soon to be mother and sister in law threw me my second bridal shower. Thank you Marcia and Stephanie, the shower was so lovely and a lot of fun! They hosted many of Doug’s aunts and cousins as well as my mom and sisters. The shower was brunch themed so there was lots of yummy food and of course a mimosa bar with all the fixings. They covered the living room with a bunch of pictures of Doug and I and cute rustic decorations.


Throughout the afternoon we played a few games. The first was the game where everyone was given a ring and told not to use the word “wedding”. If you heard someone say “wedding”, you got to steal their ring and at the end the person who had collected the most rings received a prize. The second game was a get to know the bride game. Stephanie had asked me about 20 questions about myself and the wedding. The shower guests had around a minute to memorize as many of the answers as they could and then about another minute to write down as many as they were able to remember. Obviously enough, the person with the most correct answers received a gift. And lastly, one of my favorite games, groups of 4 people or so each had 3 rolls of toilet paper to create and style a wedding dress. This game is always so funny and interesting to see what people come up with! Below is a picture of what the groups designed!



It was such a wonderful afternoon and I’d like to thank everyone for coming and for the generous gifts! I would especially like to thank Marcia and Stephanie for hosting and putting together such a great, fun party! I felt so special the whole day!


Cheers to our 30 day countdown!






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