This past weekend my family and best friends celebrated my bachelorette party for 3 days in Edisto Island, SC. I knew from the beginning I wanted something chill and laid back. I told my sister I didn’t really care where it was as long as it was near some body of water, be it the lake or the ocean. We lucked out when a friend of my dad’s allowed us to use his beach house for a week. It was a win for everyone. My family got to spend Sunday-Wednesday at the beach, then once they left my friends all arrived for the weekend. We had quite the group. My mom, sisters, cousin, and ten of my closest girlfriends all in one place. We also can’t forget my nephew Gabriel who became our “stripper” for the weekend. He’s awfully flirty for a 9 month old! They had all kinds of surprises planned for me and it couldn’t have turned out to be a better weekend. They hung a big “Ashley’s Beach Bach” sign off the front porch of the house, decorated the inside with pink caution tape, and had a cute banner over the front door, setting it up to be an eventful weekend.

Thursday we headed down to the beach for a day full of lounging and cocktails. Just a few, or a few too many, we don’t remember. 😉 Once back at the house everyone was given their goodie bags, which were put together by a combination effort of my bridesmaids. The bags included tank tops, sunglasses, tumblers for the beach, and lots of makeup samples. I also was given my first gift of the trip. A sweet scrapbook in which everyone had made a page with pictures of them and I and some cute little notes. I absolutely love it. Eventually we all made it out to dinner and sang group karaoke to “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”. On Friday we went back to the beach to repeat Thursday afternoon all over again. My sister brought sand pails and some water balls so we could play beach “beer pong” which was a blast and not as easy as you’d think. Traci brought flabongos, which turned into be the loser of beach pongs punishment. Friday night, 15 women managed to shower and be ready on time for our party bus into Charleston. Edisto is about an hour from Charleston, so there was lots of dancing and jello shots on the way. Once in Charleston, we hopped around to 3 different bars battling all the other bachelorette parties. (We won). The night consisted of lots and lots of dancing and ended with the best fast food in the whole world, Cookout. (Don’t worry wedding guests, there’s one in Nashville and I highly recommend the peanut butter oreo shake.) Saturday was another beautiful beach day, but my sister had a surprise planned. We had a bachelorette scavenger hunt on the beach, which was hilarious. Edisto is a very remote and family friendly place, so it was all crowd appropriate. We split into teams of 3-4 and had different tasks to do and take pictures of that were worth different point values. Some of the items consisted of: take a shot with someone on the beach, sunscreen a stranger, and get a piggy back ride. We had 30 minutes to complete as many as possible, obviously Team Bride won! My request on Saturday was that everyone stay down at the beach until sunset, and we accomplished that easily. We took tons of group pictures and then everyone surprised me with a champagne shower on the beach, something I’ve always thought would be so much fun. It definitely lived up to my idea, so fun! Saturday night we spent just relaxing and enjoying each others company at the house before we all parted ways on Sunday.

First and foremost I want to thank my sister Kristin for her hard work as the mastermind behind making this weekend happen. I also want to thank the rest of my family and friends for contributing and helping my sister out, as well as making the trip all the way to South Carolina to celebrate with me. I couldn’t have asked for a better group to send off my single life with! I’m honestly not sure I could have dreamed up a better weekend, it was everything I wanted and more. I am so lucky to have such wonderful family and friends that will go to such lengths to make my weekend so special and fun filled. I feel like the luckiest bride under the sun to have such amazing people in my life!  A line from a Cole Swindell song kept popping into my mind this weekend, “It’s perfect outside it’s like God let me dial up the weather, got the whole crew here, I ain’t seen some of them in forever. It’s one of those never forget it better stop and take it in kinda scenes.” It was a weekend full of beautiful weather, beautiful people, and beautiful friendships! Who is ready to go back?! I’m having withdraws from Lauren’s mango gatorades…

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Cheers to continuing the celebration in 47 more days!





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