11 Days

Holy moly! Only 2 more days of work left for me & only 11 days until we tie the knot! I can’t even believe how fast September has been sneaking up on me! I haven’t had much time to write lately, as you can guess why. My to-do list has been slowly getting smaller and smaller, thank goodness! To be honest, my head is spinning with a million different tasks and details that I can barely remember what I have or haven’t already written about. I’ll just hit some quick highlights for you!

First of all, this past weekend I went down to Cincinnati to go wedding dress shopping with my best friend & bridesmaid, Peish! Back in July she asked me to be her MOH and I was so honored to get to go to her bridal appointments along with her, her mother and her future mother-in-law. Peish found the most gorgeous gown after trying on only 5 other dresses, can’t beat a girl who knows what she wants! We had so much fun playing dress up with her all day and I am so happy she found her perfect dress and can’t wait to see her in it in April! (Which will sneak up on her just like September did to me!)


Celebrating Peish finding her dress!


As soon as I returned from Cincy it was back into full speed ahead on my to-dos. This week my final numbers and layouts were/are due to various vendors. I have been busy creating the perfect timeline for all the events of the weekend to share with the bridal party and vendors. I’ve also been drafting my photography shot list and reception playlist, finalizing our catering menus for the rehearsal and reception, and baking! If you’ve forgotten, myself, my family, and friends are all baking to make all the desserts for our dessert table. For the next week if you need me, I’ll be knee deep in flour!

We picked up our wedding bands, our programs are printed thanks to a family friend, my dad made some beautiful signs out of over 100 year old barn wood for décor at the reception, and Doug and I had our first dance lesson on Monday! Check, check, check, & check! I am hoping to write at least one more post prior to the wedding day, I’ll do my best. Until then, wish me luck. Hopefully the next time you hear from me all of my tasks will be complete, except for one, GET MARRIED!

Thanks for following along this crazy journey with me!






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