Back in action, wedding recap #1

Hello friends, welcome back! I am back and excited to share with you my full wedding recap! Only five months later (on the dot), but better late than never right? I’m going to breakdown this whirlwind of a weekend over a few posts in the coming weeks. I am excited to relive all of the details with you all!

First things first, we will start with the rehearsal.

Rehearsal day started early for us ladies. My bridesmaids and I all went to get manis and pedis together at The Nail Bar in Nashville. This place was so perfect for a group. We had our own little space where we could all sit together during our treatments and it’s BYOB, so we had plenty of mimosa supplies to get the day kicked off right!

After our nail appointment it was off to the venue. It was a beautiful sunny, hot September day. Since our wedding was on a Sunday, our rehearsal took place on Saturday. It was in the afternoon because the venue was hosting another wedding Saturday night, so this changed things up a bit from the traditional. We practiced the bridal party line up and ran through the entire ceremony. The rehearsal went smoothly and definitely got us even more excited for the main event.



Following the rehearsal we had brunch at a local Franklin, TN restaurant called the Honeysuckle. I have to give credit where credit is due, Doug found this place all on his own! His family did a wonderful job organizing everything for us and our guests, thank you Krutkas! We had time to mingle with our families and bridal party in a low stress environment, which is exactly what you need the day before a wedding. We enjoyed a delicious meal together and used the rehearsal as an opportunity to thank our friends and family for all of their love, support and encouragement throughout our relationship and the wedding planning process. I was really looking forward to giving our bridal party their gifts, as well as my parents. Doug picked out yeti koozies for the groomsmen and also gifted them the ties they would be wearing for the wedding. I gave my girls denim tops with their monograms to wear while getting ready and a cowboy boot alex & ani bracelet to commemorate celebrating our special day in Music City. For my parents, I ordered them a blanket embroidered with a special message on the tag. I cried like a little baby when I gave it to them, and so did they. We’re not shy about crying in front of others obviously, this was only the first of many happy tears of the weekend.

After the rehearsal, the bridal party came back to my parent’s house in Franklin for some adult bevs and swimming. My whole family came over as well. It was very nice to get to visit with everyone that night, because I knew it would be hard to get to spend time with everyone the following day.

If you know me, you know I tend to be a bit of a procrastinator. In my defense, you can’t do all the baking ahead of time, or things will not taste good and I certainly couldn’t have that hurt my reputation for making delicious treats. You also can’t waste time creating beautiful chalk signs and expect them not to get messed up during a 6 hour car ride. So after the rehearsal, many hours were spent baking and finishing up chalkboard signs. Another problem I have is I don’t always read the instructions of a recipe in their entirety, so I might have overlooked that one of my cake fillings needed sit overnight to thicken. Hence, whey I was finishing my wedding cake the morning of my wedding :l.

Overall Saturday was a lovely day, I thoroughly enjoyed every second of it and went to bed feeling anxious, excited and oh so happy.




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