3 month countdown

So who wants to hear my opinion on the child falling into the gorilla exhibit at the Cincinnati Zoo? ….Just kidding! So over hearing about that, just glad the kid is okay! On to other news, within a week two of my bridesmaids got engaged (Peish & Heather)! They’ve both been a long time coming and I am so so so excited for both of them and their future husbands! Congratulations lovebirds!

I am also super excited to tell you that I am officially a Southern Bride Blogger on my favorite wedding website Southern Weddings! It sounds a lot more important and official than it actually is, but it made my day! When you visit the link above you can see the list of blogger brides and there mine is under September! It has been fun getting to see some of the other girl’s blogs and gather some inspiration for my own.


I can’t believe our wedding is 3 short months away, it is crunch time! Literally and figuratively. Since we’ve been back in Columbus I have kind of slacked off on my fitness goals, but with all of the events coming up I have reset my goals and recommitted myself to achieving them. This Saturday is my first bridal shower! And in about six weeks is my beach bachelorette party! My mom and my sisters have been busy planning both events for me and I am so excited to experience them. I will report back with a full recap. In the meantime I’ve got lots of planning details to take care of. I am currently finishing up addressing our invitations, that calligraphy stuff is very time consuming. But so far, I am happy with the way they have turned out. Our next big task to knock out is finding a videographer. After months of back and forth debating of if it was something we really wanted/needed, we’ve made the decision to go for it. We felt we’d rather spend the extra money now, so we won’t look back later and wish we had. We are currently scoping out prospects and hopefully will have that finalized in the next week or so. I just know this summer is going to fly by which makes me both nervous and excited. So much to do, so little time! Until next time friends…






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