It’s currently 5 am as I’m writing this. I am at work and when I’ve had time, have been updating my wedding to do list. The amount of things to do, research, plan and create makes me feel like I need a vacation. So here I am daydreaming about beach chairs, sun, sand and strawberry daiquiris. Which reminds me that I told you my next post would be about those things exactly. That’s right, it’s honeymoon time! Well, honeymoon planning anyway. It didn’t take Doug and I long to settle on a destination. We’ve been intrigued by the Maldives ever since Ray wanted to send Tiny there on the Showtime show, Ray Donovan. (Great show by the way, you should totally watch it.) We didn’t know much about it other than it looked pretty. We weren’t really even sure how to pronounce it. Mal-dives or Mal-deeves? What could be more exotic and exciting than a place you can’t even pronounce correctly? We did our research and found that the Maldives is an island country in the Indian Ocean, southwest of India. The country is made up of over 1,000 islands and less than 200 are inhabited. There are so many resorts to chose from, but only a few that are all-inclusive, a requirement of ours. We found a beautiful resort on the island of Veligandu.


I can’t even express to you how excited I am for this trip. I have been to the Bahamas and many beaches in the US, but never a place as beautiful as this. After our wedding, I know we are going to be ready to kick back and relax for a while. Especially after a 33 hour plane ride and a sea plane transfer! We will be spending 7 days in the Maldives soaking up the sun and enjoying the pristine white sand beaches and crystal clear blue waters.¬†Because the flight is so long (and not inexpensive) we have decided to make the most of it and stop in Europe on our way home. Neither of us have been and we have been talking about going for a few years now. We are still planning the details for this leg of the trip, but plan to spend about 2 weeks time exploring. As of now, we are planning to fly into Italy, make our way to France, and finally to Germany for Oktoberfest! If anyone has an recommendations or advice on places to go or things to see/do, we are all ears! One thing we have kept in mind throughout our honeymoon planning is a piece of advice my sister gave us, go somewhere you may never get to go again. We’ve decided to go all out, you only get married once! I know this is going to be the trip of a lifetime and I am looking forward to sharing it with my future husband and best friend!





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