Catch Up

Wow, it’s been a while. I’ve totally been neglecting you lately! Things have been crazy busy in our lives the past few weeks. Earlier in the month, we wrapped up our contracts in Dallas and made the 15 hour drive back to Ohio to start our new contracts in Columbus. We’ve been getting settled both at home and at our new places of work, so that has kept us running. We’ve also managed to mix some fun in there too, attending Mr. Ryan Hart’s 6th annual Keeneland trip and another visit to Cincinnati to see my bestie Peish while she was in town! We’ve been slowly knocking more tasks off of our to do list. It’s getting shorter, but it’s still a mile long. One thing I had been working on for quite some time was booking our rentals. I was really struggling with decisions on a couple different things, and not being able to see the items in person was really tough on me. But I went with my gut and got that all figured out and booked. The rental company was pretty much one of the last vendors we needed.

Before we left Dallas, Doug and I had been on the hunt for the perfect light grey suit for Doug and the groomsmen to wear. We had been looking at all kinds of stores and searching the web to find the right shade. Doug was very particular on what he was looking for and we were struggling to find it. He wanted to avoid renting suits or tuxes because a few of his friends had gone the route of purchasing suits and he was a fan of that. It’s nice to be able to keep something and have the option to wear it again if you are going to invest a decent amount of money into it, rather than paying for one day and having to return it. We decided to go to Macys and look around to see if they had anything different from what they had pictured in their online inventory. We struck out in the grey department, but found a really nice blue color suit. I have trouble describing the actual shade, but its kind of a greyish blue, dusty color. We really liked the way this suit looked, so we scrapped the grey idea and decided this was the one. I think this will actually look better than the grey, it kind of pulls the blue of the girls dresses all together and will make the group look more cohesive.  We really love the suits and we hope all of our guys do too!


I’ve also been spending some time working on our wedding website over the last few weeks, and it is finally complete. For those guests that are wondering where to stay, the website has information on hotel blocks we reserved for your convenience. Our venue is only about 7 miles from Broadway, Nashville’s bar & live music hot spot, so we chose two hotels that are situated in between the two places to make things easy on our guests. The hotels are located by Vanderbilt and are pretty equidistant to both the venue and to Broadway. Check out our website HERE for more information!

We will have a few more exciting updates coming your way in the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned. Here’s a hint on what we are working on now, it involves an airplane, sun, and sand!





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