Flashback Friday

Can you believe it?  Only 6 more months! The time is flying and I am loving it. At least for now, I know that means I’ve got to finish up my big plans and start piecing together all of the littler details. And in time I’m sure I’ll regret saying I’m glad the time is going so fast, but I can’t help my excitement. I’m going to flashback in time (flashback Friday!) because I forgot to tell you a while back that I picked out my veil! I also got a good idea of what jewelry I am going to be on the hunt for. We went on December 28, while I was home for the holidays. My dress had come in the week before. So it was the first time I was going to be putting on my dress, the one I’d actually be wearing on the wedding day! I was so excited to put it on again. And lucky for me, this time my best friend Peish was able to come with and see it too. Along with my mom, sisters, and my niece Lilly and little baby Gabriel. I think Gabriel loved it most 😂. Peish had seen the dress in pictures, but got to see it in person for the first time and I was so glad she was able to see it before she took off for her new Cali girl job! I saw this article on Facebook a while back and was dying when I read it and totally related to it, this part especially.


These are pretty much my exact thoughts from the moment I tried on my dress for the first time. I was relieved I felt them all over again trying it on for the second time, minus the tears. Here is the whole article if you’re interested, 89 Thoughts While Dress Shopping. Buzzfeed, you’ve done it again. I already had an idea of what length veil I was looking for, so with that tip I tried on three different ones. The one I chose is beautiful and compliments my dress very well. Just enough sparkle without being too much. Next step is to schedule my fittings, which will be much less stressful with my next assignment being at home. I can’t wait to put the dress on again, it’s probably a good thing I can’t take it home with me because I’d probably live in it, when Doug’s not around of course!

Happy Friday Friends, cheers!





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