Happy Valentine’s Day friends! Doug and I are working all weekend, so we celebrated our last unmarried V-day a few days early. On Friday afternoon Doug had made us appointments for a pedicure and appointments for me to get a manicure and a facial. First off, he was skeptical of the pedicure thing, but he is now a believer. I think he throughly enjoyed it, I’m sure the complimentary alcoholic beverages didn’t hurt either! And both our nails looks wonderful I must add. Second, I had never had a facial before but had always wanted one and within the first five minutes I was hooked. I might have to work this into a regular thing. Not only did it feel amazing, my skin felt the cleanest and silky-smoothest I think it’s ever felt.

After our afternoon of pampering, we went and fancied ourselves up for a nice dinner. We went to a restaurant called Knife, a modern steakhouse with a Ruby’s-esque feel. This came as a recommendation from our friend Drew who had eaten there when in town with the Bearcats and it surely lived up to our expectations. We stuffed ourselves with filet, Mac n cheese, mashed potatoes and bread then stopped for a little dessert and a bottle of wine at a place called Eatzi’s. If you’ve never been to Dallas, Eatzi’s is one of the coolest spots in town. It’s hard to describe but it’s kind of like an Italian market. You can get just about anything there and it’s just the cutest place ever. For us it was red velvet cake and some chocolate pudding, dirt-cake like dessert. Delicious!

For Doug, I got him a few books. They’re actually for both of us to read together and I will expand more on that in an upcoming post!

To celebrate today I made my coworkers some dark chocolate raspberry cupcakes! Hope you all had a nice love filled weekend!

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