Blooms & blossoms

I started the task of searching for a florist back in the beginning of December. I scheduled two phone consultations with two florists that I had seen good reviews for. Leading up to the calls I scoured Pinterest to get ideas for what I wanted for bouquets and centerpieces. I don’t have much knowledge of flowers and which are which, that makes telling someone what you want very difficult especially over the phone. Thank goodness they both had Pinterest and had my page pulled up during our conversations so they could get a better understanding of what I was looking for. It’s pretty amazing when someone can say it looks like you like this, this, and this and put everything together for you. That’s what both of these ladies did. We ended up choosing to go with Belles Fleurs because their price fit into my budget much more nicely than the second company, which was going to cost double the amount of Belles Fleurs!

I only had a few things I knew I wanted: a hand tied bouquet, hydrangeas, baby’s breath, floral crowns for the flower girls, and streamers. Along with Bonnie, the owner of Belles Fleurs, we created an itemized proposal for each aspect of the floral design. My bouquet is going to consist of peonies, roses, hydrangeas, and baby’s breath with a satin streamer. 😍 I can’t wait to see it! All of the other flowers sounds amazing as well.

For the centerpieces, since we will have 20-25 tables we have decided to have three different style centerpieces. They are all small and short in height, as I wanted them to just be pretty, simple and elegant. Nothing too over the top. I’m not going to go into full detail on these to save some surprise and because they are subject to change if I come across another idea I can’t live without. Pictured below show some of the ideas I gathered for inspiration.

I found some fun facts about wedding flowers on one of my favorite wedding blogs the other day. It was a slideshow describing the meaning of different commonly used wedding flowers. Here are the meanings of some of mine. 

Baby’s breath: everlasting love

Hydrangeas: heartfelt emotions

Peonies: bashfulness, happy life and marriage

Pink roses: perfect happiness, grace, sweetness

Sounds like a good recipe for a great marriage!




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