I’m back!

Hi friends! I am back from my holiday hiatus! Not sure about you but my holiday season was busy, busy, but so wonderful. Doug and I finished up our contracts in Denver, packed up our things, traveled home for two weeks, and then made a move on down to Dallas, Texas. Since our last update, there has obviously been a lot going on. Believe it or not we got a few wedding tasks accomplished over the crazy holiday season. Since we had received our engagement pictures at the end of November, we have ordered, received, and began addressing our save the dates. This has been a time consuming adventure because me, being me, decided I wanted to learn to write calligraphy to address my envelopes for both our save the dates and our invitations. Much cheaper than hiring someone to do it for us! I found a great resource for this online, it is called The Lettered Bride. The creater put together a kit for beginners with all the pieces you need to be successful. She had found when trying to do it herself for her wedding, she had a difficult time finding the right pens, nibs and ink, so she put everything into one kit and marketed it to brides like myself. All you need is to purchase the kit and, if you have decent handwriting to begin with, 10 hours to devote to practicing, and with her instruction you can write beautifully. It has been something that has been very fun for me to play with and learn to do, I see a new hobby for my future! My writing is definitely not perfect, but it is getting better. I also purchased a lettermate, a handy dandy little cheat to make sure my writing ends up straight on my envelopes.


We also booked our ceremony musician. We looked at a few different options for this, a strings ensemble, a violinist, and a guitarist. We settled on a guitarist because we feel it fits our laid back feel and our budget. The company is called Nashville Wedding Guitarist, and Rob, the owner and guitarist is very talented. We are excited to work with him and to come up with our ceremony playlist.

We also consulted with florists and decided on that as well. We are excited to be working with Belles Fleurs! Bonnie, the owner, spoke with me over the phone for our consultation. Based off what we discussed and what I have saved on my Pinterest boards, she came up with a great proposal for us that not only fit my vision, but is affordable too! I can’t wait to see what my bouquet will look like, because it sounds perfect on our proposal! More details on florals and decor coming in my next post!

Last, but not least, we booked a company to do wedding day hair and makeup for myself and all my girls. This was tough to find, because with such a large bridal party, many independent artists do not have the man power to take on that many girls in a limited time frame. I found a company that is nationwide and has great reviews and will travel to any location. The gave us a great price for 4 artists for 4 hours to get all of us looking beautiful!

Sorry for the long break in posts, but I am back and looking forward to sharing with you all more wedding details on a regular basis!

Cheers y’all!



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