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We got an exciting email today. Our engagement pictures are done! We have been anxiously awaiting these since we had them done. We booked our engagement session during the week we had off at work and were already planning on being home. The shoot was scheduled on October 28. We were really thrilled to be able to schedule the photos during the time we were home and had been wanting to have them taken in the fall season. We knew at that time of the year we would have the beautiful fall colors and relatively warm weather. The week/days leading up to the photos, the weather channel forecast was predicting rain. This was not good news for us as there wasn’t really a back up date we were going to be able to get the pictures taken since we had to be back in Colorado, and had no other trips planned home before the end of our contract on December 19. I had emailed our photographer about what we would do in the case of rain and we discussed potential places for indoor photos and also the option for rescheduling. He informed us he likes to wait until the day of to make a decision since you never really know with the weather, so we just crossed our fingers and hoped for the best. The day before we headed down to Tennessee to my Uncle Frank and Aunt Sue’s and it poured the whole way. We made a pit stop to pick up some barbeque from our wedding caterer’s restaurant so Doug could try it for the first time. Obviously it was delicious and he gave it two thumbs up! The weather was still calling for rain in the morning but there was a chance it was going to clear up in the afternoon. Our session was scheduled from 2-4, so we were optimistic. The morning of, we woke up to cloudy skies but no sign of needing to cancel. My aunt and I went to the mall to have my makeup done at Clinique so it would like nice in our photos. We headed back, got changed and went on our way. As mentioned in a previous post, we had agreed on a pre-session drink. We were a little tight on time and weren’t familiar with options in the area around the zoo where we were meeting out photographer. We stumbled upon a little Mexican restaurant with about 10 or 15 minutes to spare. We ran in and quickly ordered and drank as fast as we could then headed across street to get started. The sky was cloudy, but no rain in sight and the radar looked clear, so we were good to go. As previously stated, the the Nashville Zoo was our first location. This zoo doesn’t have the greatest collection of animals, but it does have some gorgeous scenery. A walkway lined with bamboo stalks on both sides, an old antebellum home and barn, a carousel, a bird habitat, and a fun rope course on the playground. About halfway into our time at the zoo, the sun came out! We were so lucky & thankful not to have to reschedule! The carousel and bird habitat photos were silly and definitely fun to take and we knew when we were finished there we were going to have some great photos. We were at the zoo until around 330, which was already near the end of our session, but we had wanted to head to the lake and knew that the sun was going to be at just the right place for beautiful photos. Our photographer stayed with us until after 5pm. Remember our initial time was up at 4, he was awesome! We arrived at the lake and the scenery was so pretty! This was a playground for our photographer. He is great at playing with lighting and adding drama to photos, which you can definitely see in the pictures from the lake. We finished up shooting here and I told Doug I wanted to take a selfie of us before we left because it was just so beautiful there. Our photographer volunteered to take some photos of us on my phone which we really appreciated and gave us a little sneak peak to share with people. Our photographer is Matt Andrews of Matt Andrews Photography and he is wonderful. We had a blast with him all afternoon and really love the pictures he has given us. I can’t wait to see what he catches at the wedding! Overall we had such a wonderful experience with getting our engagement portraits. It wasn’t as awkward as I thought it could be, and was so much fun. We spent the whole day smiling (obviously) and laughing. I think the final product turned out better than we anticipated! Be ready for picture overload!



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