The Best Way to Shop


On Monday and Tuesday this week, we started our wedding registries! As if moving around the country to different apartments doesn’t make you wish for a permanent home, picking out all of the things you want for inside it surely does. Registering is actually kind of hard. Especially when you don’t already have the space that you are picking out things to fill. Hard, but fun. So fun! Scanning and dreaming of your home is the best part, while deciding which knife set or type of pots and pans are best poses the challenging part. We decided to register at both Macy’s & Bed Bath and Beyond. We started at Macy’s first. Registering with Macy’s comes with lots of perks. They give you a book of coupons for savings on various items and completion discounts to help check off everything on the list. At first we were a little overwhelmed with where to start and what to choose, there are so many options. We started with kitchenware picking pots and pans, kitchen electrics and accessories we liked best. Then we made our way through dinnerware, bath, and bedding. It took us somewhere between 3 and 4 hours to finish walking through and to feel satisfied with what we had chosen. The lady then informed us that there are thousands more options for things on their website in addition to what is displayed in the store, as if we needed more things to choose from! On Tuesday we went on over to Bed Bath & Beyond and started the process all over again. There were some things we would look at and say to each other, “do we really need this?”, but then we said “might as well” and scanned away. They say to register for 2-3x your guest list, so we were pretty scanner happy. I feel we pretty well covered what both stores had in stock and have now started to review the options online and add some things here and there to the list. Thinking about all of the things we picked out makes me very excited to have a home someday in the future. Below are some pictures from our registering adventure.

Cheers &. Go Bucks!







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