After 10 months of being engaged, the day has finally come! (Well, almost…) We’re getting our engagement pictures! This week is an exciting and busy week for us. After working the last three nights, we are off to Toronto this afternoon for Doug’s cousin Rose Anne’s big day on Saturday! After spending the weekend in Canada we’ll head back down to the states. We’ll make a quick pit stop in Columbus so I can pick up some clothes and finalize my outfits for our pictures. We’ll continue to drive on south down to Nashville on Tuesday and hopefully meet for dinner with the friends we miss oh so much, Alaina & Troy! Wednesday is picture day! Doug and I debated on where we should have our engagement pictures taken, but it was important to us to be able to take them with our wedding photographer so that we can all get more comfortable with each other before the wedding day. Therefore, Nashville it is! With us not being too familiar with the city of Nashville and all it has to offer in regards to great picture spots, our photographer has recommended plenty of good places of us to choose from. We are planning to start at the Nashville Zoo, which is one of our photographers favorite locations for these shoots because it has a lot of cool scenery to offer. Including an old antebellum home that has giant trees that hold all those beautiful fall colors this time of year, as well as bamboo trails, tall savannah grasses, a carousel, and much more. I’ve seen some of his work at this location and I am very excited to see how these will turn out. Our next planned stop is going to be at a lake, by this time it will be evening so it will be perfect lighting and with all of the fall foliage I just know these will be beautiful. I’m so excited to get these done and to be able to get our save the dates out. Flashback to Kent Smith circa 2007! These will be the first professional pictures I’ve had taken since my senior pictures eight years ago. I’m a little nervous because I get a little shy, but Doug and I already agreed on a pre-picture drink (or two) to help us loosen up a bit! Here’s some of the shot styles I like and kind of the feel I’m looking for in our pictures.

After our pictures were heading back north to Columbus so I can spend some time with my family because I have not been home since July! I am so excited to see everyone, but there is one person in particular that I am super excited about…..let me introduce you to the newest addition to the Henry family and my third nephew, Gabriel Alexander!

How sweet is he?! Unfortunately he is the only one I haven’t been able to make it home for the birth, but thanks to modern technology I got to FaceTime with him shortly after he was born. I cannot wait to meet him in person and love on him, everyone better be ready to share because I’m not going to put him down! It will be so nice to get to spend a few days with family before heading down to Cincy to finish off the trip with Halloween with friends.

We’re currently killing time in the Charlotte airport until our flight to Toronto and I can’t wait to get this week started!

Cheers to a week of family, friends and fun! In honor of homecoming on Saturday, go Bearcats!



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