Love is Sweet

It’s October 4th, you know what that means?! Only 11 more months! Once we hit the year mark, I felt it was finally acceptable to start an official countdown on my phone. Three hundred and thirty six more days. Currently planning is kind of slow, a lot of the big things are already done and other things it’s still a bit too early for. I’ve been keeping myself in check using The Knot’s checklist as my guide. This is probably the most on top of any large task I’ve ever been, usually I’m a major procrastinator. I guess my days as Tri Delt social chair taught me a thing or two about event planning.

With one of my next big tasks being to hire a florist, I have been thinking and dreaming a lot about our wedding décor. Some of you may have seen the picture I posted a few weeks back of the items I found while antiquing. As if I wasn’t already excited enough, that added a little extra joy. It was the first time I had ever been antiquing and within about 30 seconds I was hooked. With my décor vision being rustic, simple and elegant; this place has so many pieces that fit the bill. I spent at least two hours browsing the aisles and came out with quite a few great pieces. One of the perks of my finds is that I can use pretty much all of the items for decorating our future home, and those that I decide aren’t worth hanging on to I can sell and make a little money back. Among my finds are lots of mason jars and old glass milk jars, old wooden boxes, vintage lanterns and assorted cake and pie stands.


One of my favorite pieces is the black cast iron 3-tier stand, I’m obsessed. With my love of cupcakes, I know this is something I will be getting great use out of. While we’re on the topic of cupcakes, let me share with you my dessert plans for the wedding. I am a total sweets person, if its sugary or chocolate-y its got my name written all over it. My friends know that I ALWAYS try the wedding cake, and am probably one of the few people that actually takes the time to appreciate the delicious masterpiece that costs oh so much. Since I know many of my friends either don’t care much for cake or don’t like to take time away from getting down on the dance floor to eat it, here is my plan. Assorted desserts. There is going to be a sweets bar with all of my favorite kinds of desserts. I plan on having a small two tiered cake for Doug and I to cut, and sticking with tradition and have the top tier to freeze for our anniversary. On our dessert bar there will be assorted cookies, cupcakes, and true to the southern feel, pies. All of these delicious treats will be made with lots of love by myself and my family and friends. (Let me know if you want to volunteer yourself! 😉 ) My hope is that with the variety something will appeal to all of our guests and with most items being bite sized and not requiring a fork, that those dancin’ fools can take a break long enough to get a quick sugar fix and head right back out onto the dance floor.

I’m looking forward to sharing my love for Doug and my love of sweet, delicious treats with all of our guests. I’m also excited to get to incorporate my passion for baking into our celebration. I hope you’ll bring your sweet tooth, and don’t worry there will be doggie bags if you want to take your treats to go! First comes love, then comes dessert!



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