Stand By Me

“Darlin’, darlin’ stand by me, oh stand by me”. No way you can read that title without singing along. We all know I’ve found the man to stand beside me on our wedding day and through the rest of my life. If you’ve been keeping up with the blog, you also know that I’ve found the girls who will also stand beside me and found the perfect gown to wear as I marry the love of my life. ✔️✔️✔️ Well, now it’s their turn! I was very excited to begin the search for bridesmaid dresses, The goal was to find something beautiful that everyone would love. Obviously a tall task for nine women with all different styles and bodies. It is important to me that they each feel comfortable and confident in what they are wearing as they stand in front of 200+ people and pose for endless amounts of photos. It was this realization (and Pinterest) that led me to the idea of allowing each woman to pick her own dress. I decided not to stop there and also let them choose the color as well! I went to David’s Bridal, a store I knew was easy to access for everyone and I knew they would have reasonabe prices. I wanted to avoid asking the girls to spend a lot of money on a dress they will most likely wear only once. Hopefully selecting their own means they may get more use out of it! When I went on my initial search I found so many styles I loved, which only confirmed my choice of mixing and matching. I had an idea of what color(s) I was thinking, but when I was looking I found one that I loved and decided I had to have it in addition to the others. I ended up finding 20+ styles consisting of a few different fabrics in three beautiful colors! My initial plan was to narrow the styles down to four and assign each girl a color, allowing my sister/MOH Kristin to choose first and having her as the only one with that style, leaving three styles for the rest of the girls to select from. With so many options and no hope of my indecisive mind narrowing them down I just said, “what the heck” everybody just pick their own from all these options. I also decided to ditch the idea of assigning colors because I don’t want to overthink it and for it to look to planned or patterned.

I wanted to let my Maid of Honor choose hers first and keep that style out of the options for the rest of the girls. I took both of my sisters and my two nieces to look at and try on some of the options. They both ended up finding a great dress for them! Laura found a dress in one of the colors and in a size that would work for her (she couldn’t try it on because of her baby bump!) on the clearance rack, half the original price! Lucky duck! A few days ago I sent the girls the information they needed in order to find their dress and the deadlines I’d like them to choose and order by. They must be excited, because many of them have already chosen and/or narrowed down their options! Much to my surprise, and relief, with all the choices and multiple options that have been given there has yet to be one overlap! I told them I was okay with two people having the same style, especially if it was in two different colors, but if too many people are choosing the same styles and colors I would have to ask for them to take a second look at the other options. Hopefully everyone will get their first choices without any intervention from me!

Now more about the dresses themselves. The fabrics are chiffon, lace, and tulle. The colors I’ve chosen are called angel, petal and sea glass, all pastels, a very soft, light pink, a blush pink and a soft, pale blue. Here are some pictures of dresses that have been chosen so far:


Kristin’s (sea glass)

Laura's (petal)

Laura’s (petal)

Peish's (angel)

Peish’s (angel)

Lauren's (petal)

Lauren’s (petal)

I love them, don’t you?! I think the mismatched look and soft colors will be perfect for our laid back, rustic wedding. I’m excited to see what dresses the rest of the girls choose and how they all look together! I’m also happy to know that by giving them the choice, they will be happy and feel confident in their dresses! Aren’t they going to look beautiful?!

We can’t forget our two special little flower girls! I’ve been working on finding adorable dresses for them as well! I had them try one two styles at David’s and they were gorgeous. Unfortunately, Davids only makes their flower girl dresses up to about 6 and then offers junior bridesmaid dresses for any size/age above that. With Elizabeth being 8 next year and Lilly only being newly 5 they would have to wear two different styles. Not a big deal, especially with the mismatched bridesmaid dresses. We found Elizabeth a lace dress very similar in look to the bridesmaid dresses, and Lilly a little lace and tulle dress. I’ve still been searching around for dresses for them and stumbled upon these two options the other night. I absolutely love them and think I prefer them over our previous finds. I’m talking with my sisters to help decide, but I’m pretty sure which one I like best!

Option 1

Option 1

Option 2

Option 2

How cute are these?! I know they would look beautiful in anything I choose. We could put those two in brown paper sacks and they’d still be the prettiest girls in the room! They’ll definitely be giving me a run for my money! You’ll have to wait until the wedding day to see how the bridesmaid dresses turn out and what flower girl dress I choose, I’ve got to leave a few things for surpise!




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