Vendor Trip

A couple weeks ago I was able to make a trip home thanks to a lucky schedule allowing me a week off without taking any vacation! The weekend began with my niece Lillianne’s Princess Ariel themed 4th birthday. On Saturday I attended my other niece Elizabeth’s first soccer tournament and took my sisters to look at some potential bridesmaid dresses (more coming on that later). Sunday consisted of more soccer (her team one 1st in the tournament!) and family dinner. It was nice to get to relax and enjoy some time at home with my family! With living so far away I don’t always get to make it back for birthdays and miss lots of sporting events and dance recitals. I am always happy when I get to be around and attend these things and cheer on my favorite little ones! On Monday I also got to visit the twins at school and eat lunch with them, and then my dad drove me down to Cincinnati. Here I was able to meet up with a few of my friends for dinner and spend the night with my bestie/roomie 4 life, Peish.


Birthday girl!


1st trophy!

Bright and early Tuesday morning I started my four hour treck down to Nashville where I had a day full of vendor appointments. My aunt and uncle live in Murfreesboro which isn’t far outside of Nashville. Much to my luck, they let me drive one of their cars down from their other home in Cinci so I didn’t have to rent a car. They also drove me and came to all of my appointments, it was nice to have their help and spend time with them! Tuesday kept us super busy. We had two catering appointments and one photography appointment, they were spread all throughout the Nashville area so we did lots of driving. In the afternoon between catering appointments we had a little extra free time so we stopped by Belle Meade to see the place again. The first time we visited it was a gloomy, rainy day, but on this day it was sunny and gorgeous. The place looked beautiful in the rain, but it’s on a whole other level in the sun! I’m hoping the weather will be exactly like it was that day on our wedding day.


The garden

We got to do some taste testing at both of the catering appointments and both were extremely delicious. Doug was pretty sad he had to miss this part. We’ve planned on sticking with our Southern theme and having barbecue for the wedding meal. Not only does this fit well with our vision, but we think it will be a nice change up from traditional wedding food. I’m super excited about it! Doug and I have agreed on which caterer we’d like to use, the next step is just to make it official.



The last appointment on Tuesday was with a photographer and I had another photography appointment scheduled for Wednesday also. I don’t think we could’ve gone wrong with either one, but we have chosen Matt Andrews Photography and are excited to be working with him! We also pinpointed which hotels would be best to block rooms for our guests, drove by the house my mom has rented for the wedding week to check it out, and are currently deciding on which company to use as our DJ. Overall it was a very fun and productive trip home and to music city. I finally feel like we’ve got some big things accomplished in terms of planning. Now we’ve just got to keep this ball rolling!



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