Big Girl Dress Up

I was probably every bridal consultants worst nightmare showing up for my appointments. Not only am I one of the most indecisive people on the planet, I had no clue what I was really looking for, and I had quite a large entourage. Let me tell you who came along, all hoping to witness me say “yes” to the dress. My mother, my sisters Laura and Kristin, my niece Elizabeth, both of my grandmothers, my aunt Gina, my cousin Gabrielle, my soon to be mother and sister in law Marcia and Stephanie, and one of my best friends Ashley. We had quite the party!


We began the day at David’s Bridal. This is where both of my sisters had found their dresses, so I figured I’d give it a shot. No shock here, we were running late! This gave us only a short time before another appointment at 1. About two minutes in I was ready to pull my hair out. There were dresses everywhere and they’re almost all in plastic bags which makes it very difficult to get a good look at each one. There were so many people running around and everyone wanted me to look in a different direction. Needless to say I was overwhelmed! We settled on five dresses and began trying them on. I ended up only trying on three of the five due to time, none of which I particularly liked. Our consultant wrote down the other styles so we could return later to try the rest on, we never went back.

When I walked into Elegant Bride, I felt like I walked into Heaven. The place had a much more peaceful ambiance which was exactly what I needed. I was introduced to my fairy Godmother Lauren, who was the perfect guide to help me through the process. She asked me what I was looking for in a dress. “Something classic and fitting for an outdoor wedding. Maybe strapless, but I really like cap sleeves. Maybe fitted, but maybe not, I’m not sure what style will best flatter my body. I love lace, I hate satin. Not a ton of beading, but maybe some.” Which I’m sure translates to “I have no idea” in bride speak. Having not tried on any kind of formal dress, aside from preselected bridesmaid dresses, since my senior prom, I was clueless. All I knew is I wanted something beautiful that I looked and felt great in. Sure, I had pulled pictures out of magazines (that I had forgotten at home, oops!) and pinned pictures on Pinterest. But, it’s one thing to see a dress on a model, of course it looks beautiful, but it’s another thing to see them in person and on your own body.

We set out looking for dresses that fit my very vague criteria. My entourage and I picked out a few that we liked, including one I’d pulled out of a magazine, and Lauren chose a few as well. I headed to the dressing room feeling much more confident in the selection I had to chose from. My sister and maid of honor Kristin became my dressing room assistant helping me in, half in, and out of each dress. Lauren gave me a rule at the beginning that I was only able to keep my top three dresses. Each time I liked a new one I’d have to vote an old one out in order to keep it, only holding onto three dresses at a time. This was tough, but was very helpful! It made it easier to only keep the ones you loved most and deciding from those in the end rather than having ten dresses and trying to remember what you liked about each one. When I would have trouble deciding between two, Lauren would step in and guide me saying “your eyes keep going to this one” or “you seemed to smile more and look happier in this one”. That really helped me focus my thoughts and point me in the right direction to make a decision. I tried on a total of 9 gorgeous dresses, but it wasn’t until the very last one that I had what they call “the bridal moment”.

Mom had a few "moments" too

Mom had a few “moments” too

Kristin zipped me into the last dress and I remember walking out and hearing all the reactions from my group. I hadn’t even looked at myself yet and I was already in tears. I looked in the mirror and loved every detail of the dress. Because of my indecisiveness I had to try on my top 3 once more, just to be certain. Putting on the first two that I had loved so much, they just felt average. It was the last dress that was really something special, and I knew it. For all you Say Yes to the Dress watchers, they “jacked” me up and it was game over. This was my dress. Lauren surprised us all with champagne and we toasted my little white masterpiece. It was such a wonderful experience shopping for wedding gowns with many of the most important people in my life. I’m so happy to have found my gown, but I’m also a little bit sad that I won’t ever get to do it again. I absolutely cannot wait to wear it, I may never take it off!


My consultant Lauren

My consultant Lauren




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