We had originally planned this trip to Nashville so I could finally see our venue, Arrington Vineyards, in person. Needless to say, that was no longer the focus. Instead, we were headed to see some potential new venues. I emailed a bunch of places to see who had our date still available. The responses were about 50/50, Nashville wedding venues book up far in advance & fast! I ended up scheduling 3 appointments for us. Our first stop was Belle Meade Plantation. This place is gorgeous! Doug said he liked Belle Meade even better than Arrington, which was a good start. We toured the other two venues the following day, but ultimately decided that Belle Meade was at the top of the list. We signed our contract about a week later, and the place was officially ours! Whew, talk about a relief!

Belle Meade is French for “beautiful meadow”, and it sure is beautiful! On thirty acres of gorgeous landscape (perfect for pictures!) sit the mansion, stables, and carriage house. The property used to be a working plantation, but has been transformed into a museum only about seven miles from downtown Nashville. Everything about this place is perfect! Weather permitting, (fingers crossed!) our ceremony will take place in the Boxwood Garden. There is an amazing stone aisle way, flanked with white flowers, that leads the way to an open grassy area where the guests will be seated. This is by far my favorite part of the venue, which is fitting since it is where the most important part of the day will take place. No need to worry, there is a tent in case of rain, but we won’t be needing it! I can picture it now, the sun shining down as my dad walks me down the aisle to meet Doug. After the ceremony, guests will walk into the cocktail hour space where there are lawn activities to partake in along with the cocktails. The reception will take place in the Carriage House, which has a large interior space as well as two large side porches. Plenty of room for lots and lots of dancing!

As it turns out, Arrington canceling has been a blessing in disguise. We are in love with Belle Meade and cannot wait to celebrate our special day there!

belle meade

The Mansion


Boxwood Garden

carriage house

The Carriage House




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