My polite suggestions (i.e requirements) for a proposal:

1. Ask for my dad’s permission. –This one’s a must.

2. Make it a complete surprise. –There are few times in life when you get to be genuinely surprised. This should be one of them.

3. Get on one knee. –You’ve got to stick with tradition here.

4. A beautiful ring. — Obviously.

Not only did Doug’s proposal meet all of the above hints, it exceeded them. Let me tell you how.

On December 10 we left the bitter cold Ohio winter for the sunny shores of Cancun, Mexico. A little getaway to celebrate finishing our first travel contract in what is, without a doubt, Peyton Manning’s favorite city, Omaha. Why else would he yell it so much during a football game? Anyways, I was unsuspecting that Doug had anything up his sleeve. But I’m not going to lie, I was hoping maybe he did. 

We spent our first day exploring the resort, soaking up the sun and a few beachy beverages. The next day, 12/11/14, was spent in the same fashion. Lots of lounging in chairs by the ocean enjoying the beautiful weather and miles of blue water, cue the Kenny Chesney. Maybe it was the rum, but Doug was cool as a cucumber, and not one part of me was suspicious. We returned to our room in the evening to get ready for dinner, when there was a knock on the door. A staff member from the resort arrived with a bottle of champagne. Doug tried to ask him to return with the bottle later, but due to the language barrier, he gave up and accepted it. Hint #1. The Johnny Bravo’s or the sun must have gone to my head, because I believed this was a nice gesture from the resort after the welcome meeting we had attended in the morning. We enjoyed dinner at one of the resort’s restaurants and stopped by the bar to enjoy the night’s entertainment. Doug told me he needed to go to the ATM for more pesos to tip the bartenders and left to retrieve them from downstairs. Hint #2, the bar accepts the American dollar. I, a sucker for a good show, was so enthralled in watching the Michael Jackson impersonator, I didnt think twice about it. Doug returned a few minutes later and we stayed for a bit longer before deciding to head back to the room. 

Upon entering, there were candles illuminating the room and rose petals spread throughout (No wonder he needed an excuse to sneak away). Michael Bublé’s Christmas music was softly playing in harmony with the ocean waves in the background and Doug and I began to dance. We started talking about how lovely it would be to spend Christmas in such a gorgeous place. When he said, “Did you bring my present, because I brought you yours?”. Before I knew it he was down on one knee presenting me with an absolutely perfect ring and asking me to marry him. I started bawling like a baby and obviously said yes! We celebrated on our balcony with the champagne that had been previously delivered and made a few calls to our family to share the news. We had a few more days in paradise to relax and enjoy ourselves before returning home to celebrate with our favorite people. It was a fairytale!

As evident above, Doug met my hopes of numbers 2, 3, and 4 on my list. In regards to number 1, he had thought of that too. The night before we left Columbus for Mexico, Doug was driving up from Cincinnati. He told me he was going to stop at Ohio State for dinner with his brother, Thomas, since he hadn’t seen him for a while. I later found out, instead of meeting Thomas, he had actually met my dad at the Wine Guy for dinner. Over the meal he discussed his plans and asked for my dad’s permission, which was clearly given. What more could a girl ask for?


Thanks to my sister, Laura, for the early birthday present of making sure my nails were done!




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